Monday, April 28, 2008

Only 10 More Days

Yes readers, there are only 10 more days until it is Daniels almost real birthday.

He has been doing really well and is still learning to be “big.” If he continues to gain weight, nurse from his mother 4 times a day and keeps his breathing regular, he could come home as early as the 8th of May.

His mom and dad are looking forward to having him home and leaving the hospital, the drive and the worry behind them.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and concern. We know that you have really made a difference.


Jessica said...

That picture with the hat and the teddy bear are really too cute! That's so awesome that Daniel could be coming home so soon!

Cara said...

That is SO exciting!!!!! Good job Daniel! And of course Mom and Dad.

Jessica said...

Happy "Birthday" Daniel! Is he coming home this week??

Scott said...

Good Job Daniel!!!

Cara said...

I heard he's home now. Yeah!!!! That is the best news. You take care and enjoy your cute little Daniel.