Monday, March 31, 2008

More Good News

Hi Again

Daniel T has been doing well again and still. He now breathing on his own and has only has his oxygen tube/Canula nose piece to help with his oxygen levels. You know the kind that you usually see older people wearing. So as far as todays/this weeks post goes “no news is good news”.

After his episode with his looped bowel the staff was able to reduce his swelling and have been watching him close. So far no more signs of swelling and they are slowly increasing the amount of his mothers milk feedings so we can get him ready for his real birthday.

Thank you again for all of your fasting and prayers.

Since most of his tubes are gone, be sure to view the attached images because you can now see his cute little face.


Jessica said...

Way to go little man!

Cara said...

I love these great updates! It's fun to see his face with less tubes. Such a cutie.